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Social Media Data

Social media data collection can prove beneficial for your business. That is because; every one (and their grandmother) have social media profiles. By rounding out your consumer data, you and your company have a much better chance of targeting them through mass emails – whether for marketing or any other business lead generation campaign.

What exactly is an Email Extractor?

In this regard, email extractor software is quite helpful. They are an all in one spider tools specifically designed to extract the required information. In general, web data extractor can extract email addresses from email accounts, files, folders, websites, social media platforms, and even search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo.  Some tools in the market allow you to extract emails using a keyword

Why use Solutionbility’s Social Media Data extractor?

Solutionbility’s Email extractor helps you in creating your very own consumer contact list for the purpose of mass mailing. Mass mailing, in turn, can result in much better lead generation and prospect nurturing for your business. Lightweight yet powerful, our social media extractor provides your email addresses from multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc.

In addition, it can also be used to mine emails from bookmarking directories and web directories, etc. It can also extract emails from both online as well as offline resources.  Moreover, you can then determine any search and research criteria, for instance, a domain name, keyword, or a search engine.

But that is not all. Solutionbility’s web data extractor does not work only as an email extractor. It can also extract the phone numbers, the country of origin of the subscribers, and any other required information your business may need. You can use the service to obtain the information in bulk form. Solutionbility’s extractor can generate an extensive list of email addresses in no time. Hence saving a lot of your time involved in collecting each piece of information individually.

Our smart API automatically detects any duplicate or invalid entries. It removes all such email addresses from the final version of delivered excel, CSV, or txt file. It is thus giving you an immaculate and concise list free of any duplicates that you can use instantly.

How to use Solutionbility’s Email Extraction API?

Using our email extraction application is very straightforward and easy. All you need to do is simply copy and paste the large chunk of data you want to extract emails from. Our smart API crawls the data sources and locates valid email addresses. It then saves all the collected information in the form of a simple excel file, which can then be exported into your system.

Furthermore, Solutionbility’s tool also allows you to select a particular search engine for extracting email addresses. We are also working on a browser extension that will enable you to obtain emails from any website that you visit conveniently.

All things considered, our web data extractor is suitable not only for small and recently starting out nascent companies but also for medium and large sized businesses who want to generate email lists, contact lists or any other piece of information in the form of lists. The cost is extremely competitive and, in some cases, even lower than most email extractors, you will find in the market today.

Use it if you want a simple and straightforward API that generates a large number of emails from different sources. Besides, it works not only as an email extractor but also as a, which means it can be utilized for social media mining to get all the information you need to take your business to the next level.Paste content here

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