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Leads Data

Your business needs all the leads it can get to thrive. Whether it is a small startup business or a big multimillion dollar company, leads are what actually give meaning to running a business. It is, therefore, vital to the business. This is because leads data is utilized by the management and marketing departments of the company to run the business. Without leads data, there is no business. Let's take a look at what exactly is leads data and how it can benefit your business. 

What is Leads Data?

In simple words, B2B leads data refers to the information about people from various organizations who actively engage with a particular company's ads, products, websites, etc. Leads data can be composed of different types of information attributes. For instance, it can be the number of employees of a particular business, the number of locations a specific company operates from, the sales volume of a specific period of time, contact details of a targeted list, or any other piece of information that can be utilized by your management and marketing departments.

Why Solutionbility?

Solutionbility holds our B2B records to similar quality standards as our consumer data. We deliver one the industry's leading and valid email, postal, and mobile phone data available in the market. What's more, we offer tens of selects that include contact and firm demographics in order to improve the marketing campaigns using our data addendum solutions. Therefore we are able to provide the most accurate and detailed marketing and business list that is needed to make any business to business marketing campaign successful.

How we do it?

Solutionbility achieves this marvelous feat by defining your list. We offer more than 40 search selections. Therefore you can set your very own customizable list suitable to your specific requirements. Some of these are:

  • SIC/NAICS Codes
  • Area Codes/Zip
  • Sales Volume
  • Contact details
  • Industry
  • Number of locations
  • Number of employees 

…and much more

Significance of Leads Data?

The single most significant tool in the B2B ecosystem is – without a doubt – a marketing database. Without a collection of transnational data of consumers and prospects, their contact information, and firmographic, you are at a loss to properly fragment, analyze and market your products or services. Whether it is for acquiring new customers, nurturing prospects, or an effort to expand the value of current customers, you need leads data to stay on top of your game. Quality leads data will bring you quality leads. In essence, you can call the marketing database "the recorded history of your customer relationship."

Highest Quality Sales Leads Data with Solutionbility

And that is precisely what we provide the data in a simple and easy listing to leads. Once you select our services, we add all the company information we have and generate sales leads for you. These business leads then help you improve ROI. Our listings to leads are simple data leads that can then be exported in the form of an excel file. Our diverse range of business data solutions come at a very affordable and economical cost. We pride ourselves on offering quality data and provide a guarantee on every item. Large or small, your request will be entertained with individualized attention, expert advice, and innovative solutions you won't find anywhere else. 

For any further assistance or information about all the services we offer, contact Solutionbility’s customer support. Our staff is ever ready to speak directly to you and present your customizable solutions for your business.

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Our software is very simple and straightforward to use. Upload your file and let us enrich it with leads information and business data.

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