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B2B Email

What are B2B email lists?

The B2B email address lists are a group of data – most commonly email addresses with names – used in B2B marketing campaigns. There are two primary ways you can grow your email addresses list.  First are the inbound methods. For instance, creating a landing page with gated content shared through your website or social media handles that draw people in. The second is the outbound method. This includes working with a reputable data provider such as Solutionbility to obtain a clean and concise emailing list that is specific to your requirements and needs.

While both methods work fine, inbound methods are time-consuming before they can generate any leads for your business. On the other hand, working with a reliable data provider like Solutionbility is your quickest way to grow your list with quality contacts in as little time as possible. Plus, it takes much less effort and is much better for your business to hire a professional to do the job for you.

Why B2B leads?

Generating B2B sales leads is one of the toughest jobs in the industry – also the most important one. This is because a lead is where it all begins. Without leads, there are no clients. Without clients, there is no revenue. And without any revenue, there is no business. So without leads, you are sunk.

Why should you choose solutionbility?

With Solutionbility’s exclusive B2B data services API, you can extract B2B email lists and generate B2B leads for your business. It is an out of the box tool that lets you find verified and valid B2B email addresses of consumers that matter the most of your niche and business.  Whether it is though Company website, LinkedIn, Social Media, Search Engines, or by using our in-app features, Solutionbility helps you build up your very own email list for the next outreach or marketing campaign.

With the help of Solutionbility’s all in one lead generation API, you can build an entire email directory for your existing (or next) big project. Nevertheless, that is not all. Solutionbility allows you to extract consumer contacts from B2B Social media platforms as well. Now, you can find new and relevant leads with the help of a single click of your mouse button and create targeted lists. So, in essence, you buy B2B leads.

By using Solutionbility’s B2B data services, our system helps you find relevant B2B email leads on the basis of job title, country, location, industry, number of employees, and company size. It is a simple, easy, and straightforward process. The requested information is then stored in the form of an excel spread sheet, a CSV file, or a simple to use .txt format.

How to Extract B2B Data?

Extracting B2B information for your next outreach campaign is very simple with the help of Solutionbility. All you need to do is select the most appropriate pricing plan. We are offering four simple and transparent pricing plans to cater to the needs and requirements of a wide range of clients. This includes a starter plan for clients who want to test out our services, basic plan for small companies who are just starting out on their outbound campaign, premium plan for medium-sized enterprises who are looking for bulk search, and an enterprise plan for the high volume needs of large scale corporations and businesses. Be sure to check out the details of each plan and what benefits you can get in the following section.

Email Marketing and Data Enrichment

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Easy to use

Our software is very simple and straightforward to use. Upload your file and let us enrich it with leads information and business data.

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